August 13th 2019

Improved spelling, broken links, grammar and more

We’ve made a range of improvements to the user interface for our most common areas, including spelling, broken links and grammar.

Clearer spelling errors

Silktide now highlight individual characters within a spelling error, so you can more clearly see where any errors appear:

A table of likely spelling errors with specific characters highlighted as incorrect

One-click review

In the top-right of many screens, we now show a “Review” button where there are issues that need resolving:

A button saying "Review 11 issues"

Clicking this will open the Inspector for the most severely affected page, and you can work through each page in turn from there by clicking the previous and next buttons at the top of the inspector:

Top nav from Silktide Inspector, saying "Page 1 of 7" with next and previous buttons

Review issues by page

You can now review spellings, grammar issues and more by the pages they appear on, or by the issues themselves. Select which you want with the new tabs above your issues:

A table of spelling errors with two named tabs at the top: "spellings" and "pages"

Broken links has an additional tab, which allows you to view broken links and their pages side-by-side. This is particularly useful when exporting a list of broken links for your team to work through.

How to access these changes

All of these changes impact all customers immediately, with the exception for the “clearer spelling errors”, which take effect the next time you re-test your website.

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