Moving from Sitebeam to Silktide

Sitebeam was taken offline on 30th September 2019.

Why did this happen?

We launched Silktide in 2015 to replace Sitebeam. Over 95% of our Sitebeam customers have now moved over to Silktide, and it simply isn’t cost effective to maintain the older system anymore.

What has changed?

Silktide is a massive upgrade from Sitebeam, with hundreds of improvements. Learn about what has changed.

Silktide summary screen
An example website report in Silktide

What if I didn’t migrate?

If you pay for Sitebeam but did not contact us about moving to Silktide, we will have automatically created a Silktide account for you and emailed you access details to the primary address for your Sitebeam account.

The Silktide account will have equivalent or better entitlements to your Sitebeam account.

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