Moving from SITEIMPROVE® to Silktide


Silktide and SITEIMPROVE® both cover the following fundamentals:

If you’re familiar with SITEIMPROVE®, you may not even need training at all to start working with Silktide. Generally common tasks – like working with spelling errors – are simpler and require fewer clicks than in Siteimprove.

Changes in terminology

Part of a websiteGroupSection
Quality areaQAQuality
SEO / marketing areaSEOMarketing
Monitoring of uptimeResponseUptime
Score for a whole websiteDCIOverall score

In Silktide, we use “Marketing” instead of “SEO” as we cover a broad range of website marketing, including SEO.

What’s new

What’s missing

  • Analytics – Silktide does not provide an analytics solution of our own. Instead we integrate with other analytics providers, including free solutions like Google Analytics.

Need help?

Silktide offer a dedicated SITEIMPROVE® migration service, where we’ll help you move over your settings from SITEIMPROVE®. Depending on what you use, this can include:

  • Website + group definitions
  • Users
  • Permissions
  • Learned dictionary words
  • and more

If you need any help with migration just speak to your Customer Success Manager.

(SITEIMPROVE® is a registered trademark of Siteimprove A/S)

Need more help?