How to take a course

Click on the Silktide Academy icon in the sidebar. This looks like a graduation cap:

Silktide Academy logo

If you don’t see this icon, speak to your Silktide Customer Success Manager.

You will be shown a list of courses like this:

Silktide Academy home screen with list of courses

Click on the course you want to enrol in, and then click on the “Take this course” button at the top right:

Top of an Academy course page, showing button to "take the course".

To start your first lesson, click on the “Start first lesson” button:

Top of a course page, showing the "Start first lesson" button.

From here on, what you will see will differ. Follow the instructions on each screen. If you see a video, you will need to play the video and watch it until the end before the lesson is marked as complete.

When a lesson is completed, you may be shown some questions to answer, to test your knowledge so far.

You can leave and come back at any time. Your progress is saved automatically.

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