Inappropriate content screen

This screen shows where inappropriate text content has been mentioned. By default it looks for offensive text, such as swear words and ethnic slurs, but you can configure it to look for any text you wish. You can also instruct this test to recommend substitute content, where appropriate.

Inappropriate content

Why it matters

As part of your content checks, this test can help you:

  • Identify compromised content, e.g. hacked pages or offensive user comments.
  • Keep your language consistent, e.g. avoid the use of incorrect brand names (e.g. “Silktide” instead of “silk tide” or “SilkTide”).
  • Identify out-of-date content, such as retired product names, or departed staff members

How to configure it

By default this test will check for common offensive text, such as swear words. You can choose to disable this, and to add your own text under Settings > Prohibited content settings.

The first check box allows you to turn on or off the built-in list of offensive words. We keep this dictionary up to date with a wide range of offensive terms, but if you find it inappropriate you can disable it.

The next two boxes allow you to specify custom text you want to prohibit, both case-insensitive (so we don’t care if text is uppercase/lowercase or not) and case-sensitive (where we do).

In each box you should enter any text you want to prohibit on a separate line. For example, to exclude some gender-specific nouns, you might enter:


You may optionally specify a suggested replacement for each piece of prohibited text like so:

snowman > snow person
fireman > firefighter
businessman > businessperson

You can specify suggestions for some, none, or all of your prohibited content.

Note that text matches are by whole word. So if you prohibit the word “box” this won’t automatically prohibit the word “boxes”.

After you’ve updated your prohibited words you need to re-run your report for any changes to take effect.

How to use it

If any prohibited content is detected, it is listed in a table for your review:

Inappropriate content table

For each piece of prohibited content, you can click on:

  • Magnifying glass – this opens the Inspector, which shows you where the content appears on a page.
  • Approve text for all pages – this will approve the use of this text for every page on the current site. Other websites are unaffected.

If you open the Inspector, you will see the inappropriate content highlighted on a specific page:

Here you have an additional option: you can choose to ignore the content on the current page only, by clicking Approve text for this page. This is useful if you don’t want to allow a specific word generally, but the use of it on a specific page is acceptable.

Understanding invisible text

Silktide may find prohibited content in parts of your page that are not visible. See invisible text.

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