What does GDPR cover?

Silktide’s GDPR module is designed to help websites comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. It automatically identifies:

  • Where a website’s data goes (‘geographic footprint’)
  • What forms a website uses and any compliance concerns
  • What cookies a website uses and where
  • What technologies a website uses, including 3rd parties
  • Areas where personal data is published
  • Specific actions to fix or improve GDPR compliance

You can also use Silktide to help you comply with the GDPR’s right-to-be-forgotten, by searching your website for specific content that you need to remove.

The GDPR module is most frequently used by a small team of 1–2 people who have been given responsibility for GDPR compliance. They will typically use Silktide to audit their current status of the website, and to delegate specific remediations to others.

The use of alerts to stay on top of privacy issues is crucial. For example: if new cookies or technologies are added to a website, your privacy policies will be out of date. Silktide can notify you when this happens automatically.

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