Asking Silktide to build a policy for you

If you’re unsure how to create a specific policy, or you think you need something our policy builder doesn’t support, you can ask Silktide to help.

Assuming you have silver or higher support, contact your Customer Success Manager, and let them know:

  1. What you’re aiming to achieve (e.g. “identify pages where the wrong company logo is used”).
  2. Wherever possible provide the address of a page that would pass this check.
  3. Also wherever possible provide the address of a page that would fail this check.

If you can’t provide an existing example for 2 or 3, please describe what you expect to pass/fail in detail. e.g. use HTML code or equivalent where appropriate.

Understanding what is and isn’t possible

Policies must be conducted by a computer. Some things are very hard or impossible for a computer to do – for example detecting the active or passive voice is beyond what software can do right now.

Where a policy involves novel or complex requirements, we may need to quote to develop it.

In either case, Silktide will explain and help guide you to what is possible with current technology.

Need more help?