In Silktide, scores are numeric ratings ranging from 0 to 100. They aim to summarize how good or bad the website is doing for test as briefly as possible, providing a quick comparison between websites.

How scores are calculated

Scores are calculated from a weighted average of whatever the score covers. For example, some percentage of the Content score is awarded for having no spelling errors, and a smaller portion is awarded for having no grammar errors. 

For an in-depth explanation of scoring, visit our How does scoring work page.

Perfectionist fallacy

A common misunderstanding when using Silktide is that a perfect 100 score must be attained, and that any score below 100 is substandard. This is demonstrably not the case, and can be a harmful assumption.

A score of 100 in Silktide literally means ‘cannot be improved’. For many criteria which Silktide scores for, a perfect 100 is beyond the reach of all but a handful of websites.

How you should consider scores

All scores are relative measures. You can compare them against other sites and to increase them to match or exceed those competitors; you can use them to determine whether a website is getting better or worse.

Don’t get hung up on the need for perfect scores. You’ll get the best results by tackling the low scores first and continually making small improvements to your average.

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