Define your competitors

Silktide provides several ways to benchmark and compare websites against each other. We recommend you define specific competitors and peers, as these will help you contextualize your results.

Configuring websites you test

Any websites you test with Silktide can be compared with leaderboards. These leaderboards can be emailed to staff on a schedule, and compare a wide range of metrics that you choose to focus on (e.g. number of broken links, or percentage of accessibility).

Configuring websites you don’t test

Often you competitor’s websites won’t be tested directly with Silktide. However you can still get some information about them.

If you tell Silktide specific web addresses for your competitors, you can measure the following for each of them inside the Popularity screen:

  • Approximate number of website visitors
  • Approximate bounce rate

Also any website that ranks in the top 100 for the keywords you choose will be partially analysed for SEO. This analysis will consider what content their website uses, what their semantic SEO is like, and more. This information is used to inform Silktide’s SEO recommendations.

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