Onboarding checklist

We recommend you work through the following items as part of your onboarding, in this specific order:

Before you get started

  1. Understand Silktide
    Read What is Silktide? and How Silktide is normally used.
  2. Define your users
    Read Who should use Silktide?
  3. Define your aims
    Read Defining your aims
  4. Define your web estate
    Read Defining your web estate
  5. Define your search campaigns
    Read Defining your search campaigns
  6. Define your competitors
    Read Defining your competitors
  7. Understand CMS integration
    Read Understanding CMS integration

Setting up

  1. Set default permissions
    Read How to set default website permissions
  2. Add your users
    Read How to add a user or How to import many users at once
  3. Add your websites
    Read How to add a website or How to add multiple websites at once
  4. Check your websites
    Read How to check your websites are set up correctly
  5. Add your leaderboards
    Read How to add leaderboards and How to schedule leaderboard emails

Using Silktide

  1. Learn the basics
    Watch How to find and fix spelling issues
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Inspector
    Read our guide to the Inspector

From here, you journey will depend on what features you choose to focus on and what you use Silktide for personally. We recommend speaking to your Customer Success Manager to arrange an appropriate training plan.

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