Define your aims

Your Silktide Customer Success Manager will help guide you through this process as part of your onboarding (silver and higher support levels only).

You’ll get more value from Silktide if you can write down specific aims you want to meet with your website. For example:

  1. Establish automated website scoring
    “All websites appear in an automated leaderboard by <date>
  2. Make our website accessible
    “All pages meet WCAG 2.1 AA by <date>
  3. Increase our Google rankings
    “Rank within the top 5 for at least 70% of our keywords by <date>
  4. Eliminate serious faults
    “Fix all spelling errors and broken links by <date>
  5. Gain more leads
    “Increase the volume of our website’s qualified leads by 30% by <date>
  6. Comply with GDPR
    “Review and fix all known GDPR issues by <date>
  7. Fully support mobile
    “Ensure all pages work properly on small mobile screens by <date>
  8. Make our website faster
    “Ensure all desktop and mobile pages load within 2.5 seconds by <date>

The first point is standard for all of our customers, and so we recommend making it an agreed objective. We also highly recommend most customers adopt at least some variation of points 2 – 4 above. You will use these aims to help guide what you focus on in subsequent steps.

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