How to maximize success with Silktide

These are our recommendations for how to get the most success from our platform:

1. Open up your results

You can configure Silktide’s permissions however you wish, but we highly recommend letting all of your staff see all of your results. In fact, consider going further and publishing your leaderboards onto your intranet if you have one.

This is valuable because it fosters healthy competition, and empowers your staff to see who is doing well (and not), and to learn best practice from each other. There is rarely any sensitive information inside of Silktide, so it usually makes most sense to share.

2. Break your websites into sections

Large websites usually have too many people who are responsible for them. It becomes easy to divert responsibility and feel disconnected from your own efforts if a website has 40,000 pages and you only manage 5 of them.

We recommend breaking your websites into small sections with clear and distinct responsibilities if at all possible.

3. Use targeted alerts for relevant team members

Don’t just turn on alerts for everyone and everything. Your staff will quickly become dissuaded with the volume and irrelevance of the notices they receive. Instead, take the time to ensure that if someone receives an alert, they know it’s something they are responsible for.

We’ve found it’s better to start with a small subset of alerts and add more over time, than the other way around.

4. Set up leaderboards in alignment with your strategic goals

We strongly recommend you create multiple leaderboards to represent your strategic goals, such as making your websites accessible or optimizing your SEO. You can make a leaderboard do almost anything, but try to avoid putting everything into just one. We’ve found you get better results with simple, targeted leaderboards focused around a single clear objective.

5. Schedule leaderboard emails for all your staff

Leaderboards are much more effective if everyone knows their results will be visible by everyone on a fixed schedule – say the first day of the month. Silktide allows you to schedule your leaderboards to be emailed to a list of addresses you choose, on a schedule you decide. We highly recommend doing this, and even sharing some results with people who don’t use Silktide itself (e.g. higher-level management).

6. Take advantage of specialized training

All customers with silver and higher level support packages are entitled to specialized training by our team of experts. Typically this is focused on SEO, accessibility, or GDPR compliance. We can provide outside assessment of specific issues your website or web team may be facing, and help you automate processes and checks that you may not even realize.

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