Define your search campaigns

A large part of Silktide’s website marketing module helps your websites rank highly in Google for specific searches – so-called “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO).

To accomplish this, you will need to choose what searches your websites should target. For example, if you were a pizzeria, you might want to rank highly for searches for “pizza”. We call the text that someone might search for a “keyword”.

Ranking for a keyword like “pizza” is likely to be immensely difficult, and ignore a lot of other valuable searches. So you should consider what other keywords might be used by good potential customers for you, like “best pizzeria” or “pepperoni pizza restaurant”. There are typically hundreds or thousands of these keyword variations, depending on what you do, and optimizing for many of them will help maximize the amount of relevant traffic that reaches your website.

Google and other search engines know that the location of the person searching can make a big difference to what they’re looking for. So if you Google for “pizza” whilst in New York, and “pizza” whilst in Chicago, you will see very different results. Therefore you need to consider not just your keywords, but the physical locations you want your keywords to target.

Learn how to define your search campaigns.

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