How to check your websites are set up correctly

After you have added a website to Silktide, you should check it is working correctly. (If you have silver or higher level support, Silktide will do this for you).

Ensure no pages were blocked

Most of the time, Silktide will find all of your pages by itself. However, some websites can detect that Silktide is not a real visitor, and block it as a security measure. If this happens, you can see in Silktide as either:

  1. The number of pages Silktide found is clearly too low. Look at the Website Overview screen for this number.
  2. Silktide finds numerous HTTP errors. Look under Content > Faults to see if any HTTP errors are reported, if there are many, check if the page Silktide reports as faulty works in your browser. If so, this is probably the issue.

To fix this, see how to test rate-limited websites.

Ensure languages are correct

If Silktide is given the wrong language information about a website, it will report incorrect spelling and grammar issues. For example, it would report “color” as incorrect if you specify British English instead of US English.

To check for this, go to Content> Spelling and look at the list of spelling errors. If your languages are incorrect, you will almost always see correctly spelled words here being flagged by Silktide.

You need to update your language settings and re-test the website to fix this issue.

Remove banners and pop-ups

Some websites can load pop-ups or banners which will obscure your view of the page. To check for this, go to Information > Pages and look at the screenshots shown. If a pop-up or banner is visible, we recommend you tell Silktide to close it.

To remove these, see how to remove pop-ups, banners, and more.

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