How to set website permissions

Silktide allows you to configure what permissions your users have to see and work with the websites on your account.

Understanding permissions

There are three levels of permission a user can have for a website:

  • Manager – has full access to see, edit, and delete all settings for the website. This includes being able to set this website’s permissions for other users.
  • Contributor – can see the website, and make decisions about it (e.g. approve spelling errors, ignore broken links). Cannot change settings for the website.
  • Viewer – can see the website but has no ability to change it in any way. This means they can’t make decisions or change any settings.

If a user is an account owner, they automatically have Manager permissions for every website.

Setting permissions for a website

  • View the website you want to configure
  • Click Settings
  • Click Permissions

You will be shown a list of users who already have permission to see or work with this website. For each of these you can either change their permission with the drop-down menu next to their name, or remove their permission with the X icon next to their name.

To add a user who doesn’t currently have permission to use the website, select them from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen, select the level of permission they should have, and click Add.

See also setting default website permissions.

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